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Billy Coffey

30 Bloggers, 30 Days

September 1, 2010  

Times are tough here in western Virginia.

You can see it in the boarded up businesses and the long lines at the employment office. In the vehicles parked in front yards with FOR SALE signs in the windshields, right next to the same sort of sign for the house. The newspapers are full of layoffs, bankruptcies, and health care worries.

Hard times, no doubt about it.

But even in these hard times there are things we take for granted, those basic necessities we can’t live without but are in such abundance we forget their importance. Things like water. I have three bathtubs in my house. Five sinks. Two spigots outside. There’s a creek running alongside our house that give me fresh mountain water for the sprinkler. Water, water everywhere.

Not everyone is so fortunate:

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Bryan Allain (I use that term loosely, since he’s a Red Sox fan) sent me an email asking if I would join with him and some other bloggers in a campaign called 30 Bloggers, 30 Days, $30,000. The goal is to raise $30,000 in 30 days. Here’s the list of fine folks Tyler Stanton and Bryan Allain have assembled:

Bryan Allain, Matt Appling, Trey Boden, Jason Boyett, Everett Bracken, Stephen Brewster, Burnside Writers CollectiveTripp Crosby, Greg Darley, Sam Davidson, Rachel Held Evans, Evan Forester, Chad Gibbs, Susan Isaacs, Kevin Keigley, Lacey Keigley, Wes Molebash, Scott Moore, Eric Olsen, AJ Passman, Katdish, Brad Ruggles, Rob Shepherd, Jeff Shinabarger, Shawn Smucker, Tyler Stanton, Tyler Tarver, Tyler Thigpen, Karen Spears Zacharias

I’ve never asked anyone who reads my blog to dig into their pockets. Like I said above, times are tough. So what I’m going to do is provide you with the information and let your heart talk instead of me. The best part about this campaign is that all money donated will reach a specific group of needy people.  Here’s where this money will go:

  • Our goal is $30,000. This provides clean water to 1,500 people (300 families, 6 entire communities).
  • 100% of the money donated goes towards water projects. Private donors take care of all the overhead.
  • $20 provides 1 person clean water for 20 years.
  • Our money will go towards building water projects in Central African Republic.
  • If you give, charity: water will keep you up-to-date with the status of your project, provide you with GPS coordinates of exactly where the well you contributed to is being built, and take pictures and video along the way.

So, how can you help?

  • GIVE. $20 provides clean water for one person for 20 years! Go to the 30 Bloggers, 30 Days, $30,000 site and make a donation.
  • SHARE about it on Facebook and Twitter. Follow @charitywater here.
  • Blog about it.30 bloggers is simply a starting point. We would love to have more people join in and help spread the word! And if you do blog about it, please let me know so I can link back to your post.

Last but not least, here’s a bunch of cool downloads, banners and twitter backgrounds you can use. Thanks for your time.

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14 Responses to “30 Bloggers, 30 Days”

  1. $20 for 20 years. Amazing!

    You know how my heart breaks and bleeds for such charities. Big time. It is late here now (and it is raining hard so my satellite connection is waning), but I will be back in the morning to watch the video and visit some links…

    I can do $20–at least.


  2. Joyce says:

    I love it…count me in. When I read $20 for 20 years my first thought was, gosh we are so spoiled here. So spoiled. I will try to add it to my blog this week too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Water–$1 for a year’s worth! That’s as far as my brain can compute. Almost unbelieveable. That’s less than a morning cup of coffee from the local barista.

  4. Maureen says:

    Just made a donation.

  5. jasonS says:

    Glad you guys are doing this. I love this organization and what they’re doing. Thanks Billy.

  6. This is very, very cool. I will donate!

    And I just have to point out, I’ve never seen so many Tylers listed in one place. What is up with that?

  7. I did feel like maybe I should change my name to Tyler for the campaign. Then it could be 30 Tylers, 30 days, $30,000. Glad to be on the team with you, Billy.

  8. Deana OHara says:


    I’ve added this to my blog today and it will post after midnight for September 2. The short link is — or you can find it at The post should be available by morning.

    I like reading your blog and I’m glad you are doing this. Happy to help any way I can. Blessings, Deana

  9. What a wonderful idea! I’d like to give and blog about this, too. It’s hard to even wrap my mind around how fortunate we are compared to those in other parts of the world….

  10. […] to have more people join in and help spread the word! And if you do blog about it, please let Billy Coffey know so he  can link back to your […]

  11. laura says:

    Thank you, Billy, for directing me to this cause. I’m heading over to donate. Time and time again my mind is blown by the ways I am blessed, that by sharing what seems so little to me I can help so many. Bless you and the other bloggers for endeavering here.

  12. Joyce says:

    Mentioned this in my blog today and linked to your post on my facebook page.

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